Acoustic Test, Measurement & Analysis equipment

 PUmini array  

We provide a wide Acoustic measurment systems and equipment for field and laboratory measurments such as:

  • Noise monitoring stations
  • Noise sources Identification software and hardware - (Acoustic Camera)
  • Sound intensity & Sound power measurement setups
  • Sound Level meters
  • Sound Calibrators
  • Measurement Microphones (Freefield, Pressure and Random)
  • Building acoustics test and measurement systems
  • Acoustic material testing equipment (Impedance tubes, Sound transmission & loss and ....)
  • In-Situ Acoustic Impedance measurment system
  • Multi-channel sound measurement analyzers
  • Software for interior acoustic design
  • Software for noise prediction and environmetal nosie assesment
  • Measurement microphones (Freefield, Pressure and Random)
  • Head & Torso/special fixtures for electro-acoustic testing
  • End of the line control for acoustic transducers (Microphone, Loud Speaker,...)
  • Sound insulation material